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Nice to meet you!

I’m fascinated with flowers. At one point or another in my life I’ve grown them, drawn them, classified them, picked them, identified them, and taught about them. Now, as Anastasia Floral Design LLC, I get to arrange them.

Ever the artist, flowers are the perfect medium for me to experiment with composition and color. The subject matter is (usually) more sophisticated than a former creative outlet of mine, inventing and drawing comic book superheroes. After college, it became clear that although I loved my botanical background, science was not the path for me. I took a course on floral design specifically for weddings. I was hooked. A job as extra help for Mother’s Day eventually led to a permanent position as a designer for one of Eugene’s busiest flower shops where I learned more than I understand how to express from some of the most inspiring women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I struck out on my own in 2010 to create uniquely fantastic floral designs for Willamette Valley weddings.

My favorite flowers? Dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and stock (it’s the scent!). I love juicy colors and interestingly mixed textures. Most of all, I love love, and I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans. Find me here:

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