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(better pictures of) ombre flowers

i can’t decide if it’s really awesome or really frustrating that i just found these on the data card this morning. i’d totally forgotten about them, and could have blogged them before. oh well. i bet this won’t be the last time you get pics from this wedding~

all of this ado with pictures, and still i have no great shot of the way the color of the table arrangements faded down the length of it. the bride brought over boxes full of all this lovely milk glass for her one long table. once i figured out which vessels would get used there, it was time to number everything. the center arrangement was the deepest coral shade, numbered 0. everything else was labeled from the origin, 1 and -1 had the same ingredients, 2 and -2, and so on. flower friends, if a couple ever wants ombre flowers…do this. so helpful. i stuck the number tags in the arrangements on cardettes when everything was done and it made set up a snap too.

these guys are actually not part of the great table fade, used as accents around the amazing reception site. the top piece was placed right at the entrance, a little introduction to what was to come. i love those tulips winging out the side.

if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of this wedding, anne’s posted some pretty spectacular pictures on her facebook page, which you should of course like while you’re there.

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