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daffodil fields


ok, “fields” is a bit of an exaggeration. but the daffodil beds at midway farms are lovely.
i loved all the frilly stamens of the hellebores.
this mother hen adopted a bunch of ducklings.
is there anything more adorable than a smiling duckling?
apollo loves daffodils too.
rob and i borrowed my mother’s camera and enjoyed a slow saturday. the farm’s resident duck/chicken/turkey/goose expert handler, a thirteen year old boy who i think was named nick, gave us the grand tour and introduced us to the regulars. on the way home, rob drove us south again along peoria road, a mostly deserted country back road where his uncle taught him how to drive. we can’t wait for our own vegetable garden, and wish we had the cash to burn on a fancy new camera.
you can check out more pictures from the outing on facebook.

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