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maybe you saw this on facebook the other day. i love feathers. some florists will turn their noses up at this and say they are over the trend, or perhaps claim to be purists when it comes to arrangements–flowers and foliage only. i happen not to care. if it’s pretty, and these definitely are, i’ll put it to use in a bouquet.

that said, people do some pretty hideous things to feathers as far as bleaching and dyeing is concerned. it can be done well, but lets try to avoid the day-glo kindergarten craft look, shall we?

natural white ostrich feathers add fantastic fluff and lightness. love.
i swear those are g’s, not q’s. the font’s still too pretty to pass up. annnnyway…i love the little polka-dotted guinea feathers in boutonnieres. yup, those dots are natural and just perfect.
peacock feathers really are the grandaddy of them all. these are from my friend jayme at harvest moon photography, who just happens to have a bunch of peacocks strutting around her property. i like these guys paired best with something high-contrast. deep, bright red? or maybe some gold? yes, please.
lesser known, but gorgeous in their own right, are the peacock swords. the iridescence is just so spectacular on these, more than it is on the eye feathers.
these days, feathers aren’t just for flowers, especially in weddings. there are feathery dresses, feathery hair accessories, hell, even feathers attached in hair. a bunch of friends of mine actually did that last one to a poor passing boy once. funny thing is that they didn’t even have to hold him down.
fun fact: one of the best places to get loose feathers is at your local fly shop. this tip is brought to you by one of my july brides, the lovely miss brianna. i swear this gal has a resource for everything. we’re totally using feathers in her flowers, and i positively can’t wait.
so what’s the word? are we over feathers? can’t get enough? want them in your bouquet?

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