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good news: the days are getting longer!

we just passed the winter solstice, a day which rivals christmas here at my house. today, instead of getting dark at 4:15pm, the universe graciously extends our daylight all the way until 4:16 or so. and it only gets better from there.

if i can’t have much sunshine outside, i’ll try to bring a little inside. i have no lack of christmas cheer, mind you, but i’m tired of being inundated with red and white and silver and glitter absolutely everywhere. so when i make something for myself, i invariably end up with something entirely non-seasonal, with unfussy flowers in rainbow sherbet colors.

miniature carnations, snapdragons, and leucadendron with dried scabiosa pods. on top of my trusty field guide for irony. just try finding any of these growing as wildflowers around here.


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