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credits: save the date by royal steamline; pocketwatch by etsy seller tempusfugit; top hat by etsy seller orphelia; bouquet by opalia flowers; vintage lightbulb photo by catherine wagner; and meep! sorry, i totally spaced the escort card credit.
disclaimer: i am a hopeless nerd. sadly, i’m not crafty enough at metalwork, leatherwork, clockwork, and whatever other works are involved in putting together a sweet steampunk getup. i probably don’t look great in goggles, either. but if i could pull it off, i’d rock it. my mister would too, he digs this stuff. the above, i suppose, is steampunk lite. the sort of thing you could pull off at a wedding and not have to explain overmuch to your grandparents.
if you haven’t heard, steampunk is a fun fashion and lifestyle subculture that remembers when the industrial revolution clashed with the vistorian era. it’s about how science used to feel like magic, and we started imagining how far we could extend our control of the natural world around us.
in that spirit, is there any bouquet more perfect for the steampunk bride than the composite rose? i need to rename this series “stuff i wish y’all would hire me for.” because i’d love to flip those edison bulbs over and use them as bud vases.

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  • SvenskaBlomsterbloggar August 18, 2011, 1:12 pm

    >That little hat is just so chic!


  • Chelsea August 23, 2011, 8:22 am

    >This wedding could only happen at Gas Works park… I was running through there the other day thinking about this very post and wondering how much it would be to rent the entire thing out for such an occasion :)

  • anastasia August 23, 2011, 8:54 am

    >holy moly, you're right about that being the perfect venue. looks like it's pretty doable. $120 per hour plus a $75 catering fee. yay for public parks!

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