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it’s autumn!

so with the torrential downpours in eugene over the weekend, and um, right now, there’s no denying that we are in the thick of fall. better yet, i carved a pumpkin and made spiced cider to celebrate with wonderful friends on saturday. we even went to the pumpkin patch in the rain. i can’t remember the last time i carved a pumpkin.

the best part about fall–even better than jack o’ lanterns and apple cider–is the gorgeous autumn leaves. in other places around the world, the color display is practically over. luckily for oregonians, the leaves are still gorgeous and mostly intact despite the storm. my neighborhood has some beautiful colors, so i decided to take a walk this morning and take advantage. luckily, the rain let up for me.  

thanks for the leaves, neighbor
a trip around the block and a few snips later, i had a paper sack full of awesome. and a pair of spiders, but i’m not squeamish.
so tempting just to leave them on the counter like this.
compulsive arranger that i am, a vase was the ultimate destination for my finds. i added some dusty miller leftover from saturday’s wedding around the bottom. doesn’t it remind you of the grey sky? it’s like the non-depressing version of rain clouds.
to make your own leafy arrangement, all you need is a rain jacket and a pair of pruning shears. 
  • head for you yard or a nice walk.
  • choose leaves of different sizes and textures. go for the full fall spectrum or make it monochromatic–whatever suits your fancy. 
  • when you cut them, leave a length of the twig attached so there’s a stem to place in your vase. 
  • pull off any leaves that would end up below the water line of inside the vase.
  • i arranged mine loosely in hand first, then cut the stems and plunked them in water.
  • fall leaves, y’know, fall.  they are kind of delicate, but should last at least as long as fresh flowers in water.
  • enjoy!
happy autumn, everyone.  have a great halloween this weekend!

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