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there’s those ocean songs i promised. aren’t they achingly perfect? some folks would take off those outer petals with the pretty pink trim. tragic.
the topiary was part of the decor for ailun and karsten’s riverside ceremony at eagle rock lodge. the couple and everybody setting up were so relaxed that day–just enjoying themselves and the river and hoping the weather would cooperate (it did). any place you can lazily cast a fishing line from the bank the morning of the wedding is a-ok with me.
the urns were the quest objects of an adventure to a lawn statuary shop in a part of town trendy bohemian floral designers aren’t supposed to visit. no carefully curated vintage junk or stumptown espresso. the planters and good stuff (miniature cement aphrodites missing arms and etc.) were stashed in the overgrown sideyard, so i headed there and promptly set the alarm system to screaming, despite this being regular business hours. before spending some time with the owner chatting about eye surgery, health insurance, and those new-fangled debit cards, he let me know that he’s had the same alarm system for thirty or so years, and he keeps it armed all the time so he knows when somebody’s shopping. i got the impression that occurrence was pretty rare.
the urns were perfect, the chatty shopkeep gentlemanly helped me load them into my car, and the posters and bumper stickers that collaged the area by the register were entertaining. all in all, success!
post script:
sleepy ruca is an excellent companion while arranging flowers.

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  • Great flower lady November 2, 2011, 11:45 am

    >Cute blog. I would love for you to follow me too.. us flower people need each other.. Have a blessed week!

  • Denise November 4, 2011, 11:54 am

    >HELLO! Great to connect with you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Look forward to sharing. Love that kitty!!

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