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rosemary and swim practice


life is returning to normal after a major remodeling project at home. wedding season is winding down and fall is definitely here. what better time to start a new routine?

the order of the day is master’s swim practice. today was my second one, and while it felt better than the first, after 35 yards or so of every rep, my arms feel like they’re carved out of wood–stiff and obnoxiously floaty. tonight, there was no time to dash home before heading to the pool, so the rosemary topiaries i was packing with me came along for the ride. without a shady parking spot to keep them from cooking while the sun set through my windshield, they also came all the way in (well, ok, not swimming, just spectating).

the rosemary is for this weekend’s wedding, which i vow on the life of my future first born (not an announcement, sorry mom) to take pictures of. there’s more rosemary for the bouquets, and some lavender too, and i can’t wait to bury my face in a bouquet once they’re all put together.

p.s. the soundtrack to fall is going to include mostly led zeppelin and violent femmes, i can already tell. what’s on yours?

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