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scratch and sniff blog post

i wish. please don’t actually run your fingernails along your monitor. well, it probably wouldn’t hurt anything if you did, but if somebody sees you…it’s not my fault if you look silly. blame the roses.

ok, so they aren’t much to look at right now. when i stopped by my wholesaler this morning, she was unpacking a battered bunch of some new roses and plunking them in some water in the office to see how they opened up. she couldn’t remember the variety names off the top of her head, but i hope they pan out. she sent a couple home with me to review and i can’t even begin to describe how heavenly my car smelled.
over the history of floriculture, most roses have been selected for color, petal count, and vase life. scent has largely been left by the wayside as a non-essential trait. this is infinitely disappointing when you try to bury your face in the dozen roses your lover just sent you. the good news is scented roses are coming back in vogue. the fantastic garden rose varieties, like the david austin ones we all adore, are wildly popular for their scent as well as their fluffy peony form. this is a trend i can seriously get next to. there’s just nothing like the scent of a rose. it’s unmistakably romantic. how wonderful would a whole bouquet of them be?
as to the fellows in the pictures, i have high hopes for the white one. he has a beautiful blush center that i just couldn’t photograph well and from the looks of things will be all frills on the inside. if i can manage to leave them be long enough without holding them up to my nose, i’ll let them drink for a couple of days and see if they’re a little less camera shy.

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