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birthday party at king estate

green and white centerpiece in a wood box by anastasia floral design

Hello friends! It really feels like event season has kicked off in earnest now. I say event season instead of weddings this year, because my first orders have been non-weddings. Earlier this spring I got to decorate for the prom of my old high school–fun!–and over the weekend I hooked up a birthday celebration with some pretty arrangements. The staff at King Estate killed it as usual. I’m so sad that they aren’t booking new events. Please keep trying and maybe we can change their minds, eh? Anyway, flowers! These are from the birthday party. I only ever instagrammed the prom flowers. That happens to be easier to update than the blog. Weird.

garden rose centerpiece with sweet peas and dianthus by anastasia floral designpeony centerpiece with herbs by anastasia floral designwhite, green, and blush peony and rose centerpiece with anastasia floral design

The centerpieces turned out great! Garden roses, wired-in succulents, local herbs, two different varieties of local peonies, stock, local scabiosa, dianthus, and a whole mess of sweet peas arranged in a wood cube. The whole place just smelled amazing once I got these in the door. Those peonies with the yellow peeking out the center are called “cheddar surprise” which is just about the most appropriate name I can think of for them. King Estate has such great culinary tradition going that I was really excited about incorporating the fresh herbs. Sage and mint here kept the scent of all the flowers from being too cloying.

succulent planter with string of pearls by anastasia floral design potted succulent arrangement by anastasia floral design

The cocktail tables outside were urns of succulents with string of pearls trailing down to the tabletops. Turns out these were super great since it got pretty windy. These things were not budging even in the stiffest of breezes as they weigh approximately half a ton each.

succulents, candles, and grape wood with loose peonies by anastasia floral succulent grape wood decoration by anastasia floral

The buffet and appetizer tables got clusters of cool gnarled grape wood branches decorated with more succulents, loose peonies, and plenty of candles. Grape wood just seems so appropriate for a party at a vineyard.

elevated arrangement with peonies, hydrangea, and grape wood by anastasia floral designtall green and white centerpiece by anastasia floralpeonies and grape wood with succulents by anastasia floral designsucculent detail inside the cylinder by anastasia floral design

This tall arrangement for the dessert table is one of my favorite and most fun things I’ve had the pleasure of putting together. This guys really ties together every element of this party–the succulents, grape wood, local blooms and adds some floofy hydrangeas. I’m just really happy with the end result. I tucked another little succulent cluster in the bottom of the vase with some polished stones.

I hope you enjoyed the peek! I’ll have a lot to share with you this summer! Make sure you don’t miss any of the pretty coming your way–you can subscribe and get it straight in your email. Just look over yonder at the sidebar —>

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