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garage sale

i need to unload some things, so i’m having a garage sale this saturday (6/6), starting at 9am.

cash only. i prefer to sell large quantities of things in lot. i have lots of odds and ends if you’re looking for just a few pieces. i won’t hold or reserve anything. want it? come get it.

everything below is in good working order, but probably needs to be cleaned. unless stated otherwise, candleholders are wax-free enough to use again. there will also be a bunch of regular garage sale stuff.

vases & vessels

  • silver mercury pedestals (two kinds, 6 of each)
  • hanging silver mercury (10-12ish, i forget)
  • white hobnails (lots, like two dozen)
  • whitewashed wooden cubes (at least 10)
  • glass cubes (12+)
  • dozens of assorted bud vases and bottles
  • tall footed glass and very tall cylinders (many varieties, a handful of each)
  • cement urns (a few of each in various sizes)
  • authentic vintage blue masons (lots, some need wax removed)
  • assorted clear masons
  • odds and ends not available in quantity
  • …and probably more that I’m forgetting

candles & holders

  • delicate hanging holders (28+)
  • clear votive holders (8 dozen)
  • teal blue votive holders (8 dozen)
  • blush mercury votive holders (20ish)
  • pillar candles (assorted)
  • electric tea lights (48)

big stuff

  • two mismatched metal ice cream parlor chairs
  • wood slat outdoor bistro table and two matching chairs
  • one orange & wood thrifted club chair
  • birch poles that are prepped for an arbor or chuppah, stakes into grass (8)
  • yards upon yards of ivory chiffon
  • modern brushed silver/stainless/nickel finished altar stands (2)


  • silver trays and serving pieces (assorted, lots. needs to be polished.)
  • copper bowls, trays, and etc (assorted, not as many)
  • branches – manzanita and grapewood
  • moss & assorted naturals – birch tubes, wicker ball thingies, stuff like that
  • long grapevine wreath

stuff that’s NOT for sale

  • my cooler
  • tools
  • consumables (foam, wire, glue, ribbon, etc)

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