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irises and pitcher plants

can we please fast forward to june so i can have buckets full of bearded iris again? the scent just slays me, and i love the pure seasonality of the blooms–they are only available for a few weeks, and really, one should only procure them locally. these were from one of my favorite farms in springfield and i’m proud to say i picked ‘em myself.

the rest of the ingredients were also fantastic fun–poppy pods, cobra lilies (those’d be the pitcher plants…not quite the same as the darlingtonia found on the wayside, but i love the connection), passion vine, muscari, and hydrangeas. better still, but not in this (rather sorry) set of photos, were the fuchsia peonies, picasso calla lilies, and delicate clematis in the bride’s bouquet. resolution for 2013: take more and better pictures, damn it.

i hate flash in photos, but that ruffly iris persuaded me to post this anyway.

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