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purple and gold for a storybook wedding

serena and shaun did it right over labor day weekend last summer. here are a few snaps by cassy berry. i’ve blogged a bit about another part of their decor, oranges arranged with foliage, and here’s more that i did for them. their whole wedding concept was just…beyond. walking into their reception site was like entering a whole little fantasy world. it was great to do my little part of it!

purple-embroidered handkerchief white dahlia bridal bouquet by Anastasia Ehlers purple and gold accent arrangement by Anastasia Ehlers

the bouquet had dahlias, freesia, lavender veronica, lisianthus, and gold-tinted eucalyptus. i left a matching hanky with it when i delivered it, which turned out to be a good thing since serena had one for all her bridesmaids but forgot her own.

the accent there has hydrangea, scabiosa, larkspur, stock, veronica, scented geranium, eucalytpus, and more. serena found that great cut glass container on one of her many thrifting excursions.

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